FBK1 & Proformance
Pitching | Training | Recovery Clinic


$225 per player


October 12th – 13th


Friday, October 12th
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday, October 13th
9:00am – 3:00pm


Ages 12-18


Cardinal Newman Baseball Facilities

Proformance is a Little Rock, AR-based facility run by former Big Leaguer, Dustin Moseley.  A former teammate of mine while in the LAA system, Dustin has played with LAA, NY Yankees, and San Diego Padres.  Since hanging up his cleats he has embarked on a path that serves our future players of our American Pastime.

Over the last 2 plus years, he has developed some serious training methods that have not only helped the youth but now has gained the likes of Div. 1 players and coaches as well as MLB and MiLB players and coaches.

With that being said, we are very lucky to have Dustin come out and be a part of this 1st-time event in which we hope can elevate as well as transform the way we train during the season and just as importantly in the offseason.

We will stress the value of arm care, maximizing your potential on the mound as well as during flat grounds and catch play. Dustin will lead everyone in training vs training properly in order to maximize your potential.  Correct drills, exercises, routines as well as recovery within these routines.

Dustin will also talk and stress the importance of recovery and how that is just as important if not the most important part of developing one’s skills in order to, once again maximize your potential.

For more information regarding Dustin and who he is, please visit proformancelr.com