FBK1 Custom Itineraries

For Baseball/Softball Coaches

Our goal is to provide a way for coaches to walk out onto the field with the confidence to run an effective, fun and educational baseball practice without hesitation.
We want all of our coaches to be well equipped with the tools necessary to challenge the kids.  Teach the kids.  Increase their abilities all the while keeping it fun, motivating and competitive.
Let’s see how many coaches, kids and parents we can reach by way of our custom itinerary program.We are offering 100% custom itineraries requested by you, the coach.
We will design the practice based off of the questionnaire and email conversations.  Then we develop a practice that is geared specifically to what you want/need to focus on.

Here are some options you can add into your custom itinerary.
We can produce itineraries in lengths of 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours and 3 hour practices.

  • Full warm up/stretching/plyometric routine
  • Throwing routines
  • Pitching routines
  • Footwork routines
  • Pre Pitch routine
  • Defensive Drills
  • Infield drills
  • Outfield drills
  • Cut and Relays drills
  • Pick off drills
  • PFP/AFP(Pitchers Fielding Practice, Athlete Fielding Practice)
  • Catching drills
  • Full Infield routine
  • Full outfield routine
  • How to run a short yet effective PreGame I/O(Pre Game Infield/Outfield routine)
  • Base running drills
  • Arm/Body post throwing/practice routines
  • Conditioning
  • Competition drills

Each itinerary will be broken down to the minute.  Each drill will have a time length that includes explanation of the drill, performing the drill, clean up and rotation.  These itineraries are created with the concept of “keep them moving” in mind.  Work hard in practice and the games become more fun and competitive.

Pricing Structure and Breakdown

1.5 Hour Practice Itinerary

  • 1-$50
  • 2-$90
  • 1 month of 1.5 hour practice itineraries (2 practices per week).

2 Hour Practice itinerary

  • 1-$75
  • 2-$130
  • 1 month of 2 hour practice itineraries (2 practices per week).

2.5 Hour Practice Itinerary

  • 1-$100
  • 2-$170
  • 1 month of 2.5 hour practice itineraries (2 practice per week).

3 Hour Practice Itinerary

  • 1-$125
  • 2-$210
  • 1 Month of 3 hour practice itineraries (2 practices per week).

“It’s Your Season” Practice itineraries

This is a full season of customized practice itineraries.  We will have weekly email/phone conversations regarding your needs/wants for your practice itineraries.  We can build itineraries for your pre game routines, in season practices, playoff practices, etc. (Please inquire via email for pricing)

All-Star Selection Itineraries: Please email for prices.

Custom Itineraries Interest Form
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