FBK1 baseball teams are in their first year of it’s organization but, our coaches have been coaching for a combined 50+ years. Our coaches have played and coached from the professional levels down through college, high school and youth leagues. With all this experience I am confident that your player will be prepared to compete at each level they play.

Our practices will be twice a week, one weekday and one weekend day when not at a tourney. Our practices will be designed to be fun yet intense with a focus on development and preparation.  Your player will walk away from our practices with an understanding of the game as well as what it takes to be a good teammate, friend, player but most importantly a good person.

 Please understand that these are not “pay to play” teams. You are paying for an education in baseball and how to work hard both at practice and games as well as on and off the field.  Players will learn how to compete for positions on defense as well as in the lineup. These are just a few things that your player will need to learn how to do as they move up to higher levels.

Thank you,

FBK1 Coaches